Smiths Interconnect Launches New Temperature Variable Attenuator

18th June 2021

SpaceNXT K2TVA Thermopad® provides unparalleled gain compensation in K-Band
Specifically designed and tested for critical space flight applications, the new SpaceNXT K2TVA series offers a highly reliable, totally passive solution to offset signal strength fluctuation due to changes in temperature – an issue that affects all RF and microwave systems


Radiall’s new SMPM Connector with Locking System

28th September 2020

Radiall designed this microminiature product to answer customer demands for smaller connectors that provide reliable security and performance. SMPM-LOCK's robust locking mechanism dramatically increases the retention force of the interface and prevents accidental disconnection. It features performances up to 65 GHz.


Smiths Interconnect release High Performance 67 GHz SMT Termination

3rd August 2020

Smiths Interconnect CTX SMT series termination offers a unique combination of high power, and high frequency, in a small 0603 package. The patented design allows up to 1W CW power with an excellent broadband performance up to 67GHz, providing optimized return loss across the frequency band when properly matched in a 50Ω system.

For further information, including S-Parameters and qualification test report please click read more


Microtek Components honoured by Smiths Interconnect

6th December 2019

Microtek Components have been recognised by Smiths Interconnect as best design-in Distributor EMEA for 2019. Mario Patane, EMEA Distribution Manager Smiths Interconnect, visited the Microtek offices to personally thank the Microtek Components team and present the award.

We would like to thank Smiths Interconnect and our Customers for the support throughout the year.


Radiall Power Dividers / Combiners

18 January 2018

Designed for military airborne / ground radar and instrumentation equipment (RF bench test) this new range of products offer high RF performance in terms of VSWR, maximum power and phase. They are perfectly suited for integration in systems that require power division or combining of RF signals.

The range of Power Dividers includes:

  • 220 Mhz to 26.5 GHz frequency
  • Octave and wide band
  • 2/3/4/6/8 ways
  • SMA female connectors
  • Possibility to use as a power combiner (Wilkinson design)

The Power Divider range is part of Radiall's Test and Measurement offering which includes high performance switches, Test Pro Cable Assemblies, Terminations and Attenuators


Radiall announce 26.5 GHz SMT micro-SPDT Relay

22 August 2017

Radiall have released the Quartz Series of SMT micro SPDT relays operating to 26.5 GHz for high frequency applications where space is limited. To overcome the frequency limits of SMT witches Radiall combined their RAMSES concept with the SLIM LINE technology to develop the Quartz series

Unique Performance Features include

  • Full SMT Technology compatible
  • High Frequency: 26.5 GHz
  • Long Life span: 5 Million typical
  • High repeatability
  • High Power: 200W @ 3GHz (cold switching)
  • Test fixtures available for customer qualifications